For a good reason, German shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They make wonderful family pets; they are loyal, protective, intelligent, and obedient (to an extent). This breed has become so popular because they do well with children, new owners, and even other dogs. Yet before you fall in love with a German Shepherd Dog as your family pet, perhaps you should know what it is like to live with a German Shepherd Cocker Spaniel mix, or as many have nicknamed them, “GSCOs.”

In the best-case scenario, GSCO’s conform very much to their purebred parents’ characteristics. For instance, a GSCO that has inherited the best traits of both breeds will likely be intelligent, protective, loyal, and obedient. They can be very family oriented with a strong desire to please their owners.

In the worst-case scenario, GSCO’s inherit more negative traits from their parents than positive ones. In this case, they may become aggressive towards people outside the family or other dogs. Living with a dog in this situation can become difficult for its owner due to aggression and training problems that arise when a dog is not trained properly from an early age. GSCO’s can also fall somewhere in between these two extremes – in some cases only having certain characteristics of one breed while displaying a few traits of another breed.

If you’re considering getting a German Shepherd Cocker Spaniel mix, research both breeds before deciding whether to get one. Remember that even if you love the characteristics of both breeds, there will always be certain traits an individual dog inherits (positive or negative).

Cockers are generally friendly dogs, but independence can make them shy around strangers. They tend to be loyal and loving towards their owners yet may not want to socialize with other animals. This is why it’s important for new dog owners to properly train these dogs when young so that they understand how to behave in various situations.

Cockers can be very playful, which makes them wonderful family pets, especially with children. This is an ingredient many GSCOs inherit, so training your dog should go smoothly. Cockers will likely have a strong desire to please their owners, which can be beneficial in training.

Cockers tend to get along well with other dogs and children, but they should never be around small animals such as hamsters or guinea pigs because of their hunting instincts. They should also not be trusted around non-canine pets. Cockers can also have a stubborn side which could make obedience training difficult, so consistency is key when training your pet.

GSCOs inherit a variety of great characteristics from their parents, yet there are some things owners need to know before committing to this breed:

Many GSCOs inherit the German shepherd’s tendency to become aggressive towards people outside the family or other dogs. If you want an affectionate, protective dog, try another breed.

GSCOs will most likely have many positive characteristics of both breeds, so don’t give up hope if they have some negative traits too. If you properly train them, they’ll make wonderful companions for years!

Types of Cocker Spaniel Mixes

Cocker spaniels are beautiful dogs with an abundance of energy. They need lots of exercise and love to play.  They can be high-maintenance. However, needing regular grooming and frequent ear cleanings. Because their long coats grow constantly throughout the year, they shed profusely. If you don’t like brushing your dog often or you don’t have time for it, this type of dog is not for you. But if you want a purebred with so much character that he will steal your heart daily, read on about some popular cocker spaniel mixes.

Cocker Spaniel Husky Mix

This crossbreed is known as a ‘horgi’ because the cocker spaniel is crossed with a Siberian husky, but it can also be referenced by its other names, which are cookie, chusky, or cock-a-husky. The mix between these breeds is affectionate dogs that get along well with children and strangers. They are loyal to their family members and will try hard to please them.

Cocker Spaniel Chow Mix

The cocker spaniel chow mix, or the ‘chocker,’ is a crossbreed between a cocker spaniel and a chow. Their temperaments are very similar to both of their parents. Whether they take after the cocker or the chow more, you’ll have a friendly, loyal dog who always wants to be around you or a quiet and independent one who spends time thinking about things.

Cocker Spaniel Dalmation Mix

The cocker spaniel dalmation mix, also known as the cock-a-doodle-doo is a crossbreed between a cocker spaniel and a dalmatian. Like their parents, they are energetic dogs who need lots of exercise. They are lively but not hyper, affectionate but not needy, and good with strangers but protective of their families. Many owners say this is their favorite mixed breed because it has all the best qualities of purebreds without any of their bad habits.

Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

This mixed breed is called the cockapoo but has many other names like coddle, cotter, or cockeye. The cocker spaniel poodle mix is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a miniature or toy poodle. They are loyal dogs who love to be around people. If you want one of these dogs for an only child who doesn’t get out much, they may not be the best choice because they need lots of daily contact with people. However, if your family likes to take long walks in the park or go on camping trips regularly, this dog will fit right into your lifestyle!

Cocker Spaniel Siberian Husky Mix

The Sibi is another name for this dog, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a Siberian husky. This breed has the long, beautiful coat of a cocker with the lovely blue eyes and playful attitude of a husky. They’re smart dogs who need lots of activity to keep them busy when they’re not napping or playing fetch in your backyard.  They also prefer cooler climates because they are susceptible to overheating like other dogs with long coats.

Cocker Spaniel Australian Shepherd Mix

This dog is called Corkie because it’s a mix between the cocker spaniel and an Australian shepherd, but you may know them by their other names too – cork-poo, acheranian, or cookie-poo. These dogs are very popular and intelligent dogs who get along well with all family members, whether children or other dogs. They often inherit the characteristics of both parents and need lots of exercise, but they also like to lay around with you on lazy weekend afternoons.

Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever Mix

The gold cocker spaniel mix is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a golden retriever. This mix is called a coker retriever, cookie, or plain ol’ coke. Even though it’s called a crossbreed, these dogs may look more like one parent than another because they can inherit either the long coat of the cocker spaniel or the short coat of the golden retriever.

Cocker Spaniel Pembroke Welsh Corgi Mix

The corgi cocker mix is a mixed breed between these two dogs, and it’s called a corkie poo. You can call it anything from corkie to red corgi or corgie – but remember that other people may have other names for this dog! These dogs are playful and energetic, with a tendency to bark frequently. They also need lots of daily exercise, which won’t be a problem in your home because they love to play fetch!

Cocker Spaniel Labrador Retriever Mix

This dog is called a cobber because it’s a mix between a cocker spaniel and a labrador retriever. They’re fun-loving dogs with lots of energy, but they also like to relax and cuddle on lazy days. This is a great choice if you have kids or other pets because they get along so well with everyone!

Cocker Spaniel Great Dane Mix

This dog is called a cobber – cocker crossed with a labrador retriever. As you might have guessed from their name, these dogs start small but grow into very large adults. They are fairly active in adulthood but still prefer to snuggle on the couch when not running around outside.  They can be trained successfully, although training may take a little longer for these large dogs.

Cocker Spaniel French Bulldog Mix

These dogs are called the cockapoo because they’re a cross between a cocker spaniel and a French bulldog. They have lots of energy and love to be around people, whether you’re going out to dinner or just relaxing at home. Cockapoos can make great family pets, but they need some training to behave well with children and other animals unless you want fights to break out.  You’ll also need to take them outside several times each day because their high energy levels will cause them to become restless if they don’t get enough exercise.

American and English cocker spaniel mix

Today I will be discussing the Cocker Spaniel, a dog breed developed primarily as a hunting dog. Due to their high intelligence and their willingness to please, cockers are very popular pets. American and English Cockers are one of the most common mixed breeds today. While there is no official designation for these mixes in any breed, they are often called “cocker spaniels.” While there are some differences between American and English Cockers, they are considered variations of the same type of dog.

The American Cocker Spaniel was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1945, while the English Cocker was recognized by its parent club, The Kennel Club, in 1946. The major difference between the American and English Cockers is size. The American cocker tends to be thicker and heavier than their English counterparts, with a shorter muzzle and wider head. They also tend to have a longer, less silky coat and more wavy or curly (although shorter than many spaniel coats).

American Cocker Spaniels tend to be slightly larger than English cockers, but both share common traits such as brown eyes, large heads with short muzzles, wide chests, and low-hanging ears. They share most of the same health problems, such as cherry eye, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), and hip dysplasia. As with most mixed breeds, you can’t predict the exact traits inherited by a Cocker Spaniel mix.

Most will be intelligent, energetic, and playful pets who are easy to train. They usually become very attached to their owners and make excellent family dogs. Some cocker spaniel mixes still have long coats that need regular brushing, but you can expect them to shed at least twice a year (in spring and fall) as their undercoats come in.

American or English? It doesn’t matter about looks, personality, or health. The best way to determine the type of Cocker Spaniel mix you’re getting is to look at the parents! With good care, these friendly dogs live 12 – 15 years.

Do cocker spaniel mixes shed?

Many people are interested in cocker spaniel mixes for sale for their homes. One of the questions they ask before purchasing is, “Do cocker spaniel mixes shed?”

Most individuals want to know if their home will be covered with hair or if it can be kept relatively clean. This is an understandable question that many potential dog owners have. However, the only way to find out would be to spend some time around these dogs, watch them interact with humans, and observe their behaviors over time. However, there are things known about this breed so far that should help provide any prospective buyers with an idea of what types of behaviors are associated with these dogs.

For example, most breeds have distinct grooming needs, so it should not be surprising that cocker spaniel mixes also have some grooming needs. In terms of coat, it may vary depending on their mix with their parents. However, these dogs likely tend to shed throughout the year and a lot during a few times per year as well. Most breeds go through a molt about once or twice yearly, which would be normal for most of these canines.

In addition to regular grooming, dog owners need to take the time to keep their nails trimmed as needed and brush their teeth from time to time since tartar build-up is possible without proper care. Owners should also work with these dogs on basic commands such as sitting and staying early during training, because they can sometimes be stubborn. Of course, this is normal for most breeds, especially those that have an independent streak to them as well.

Training cocker spaniel mixes will be challenging, but it is possible since these dogs crave attention from their owners. In addition, they are very intelligent and learn from the behaviors of their pack mates, so it would be advantageous to include other family pets in training. For example, if a dog sees another canine respond to a trainer, they may follow suit with the same positive response, making training much easier overall.

Cocker spaniel mixes may shed more than some other breeds, but the good news is that they don’t bark as much as most other canines, making living conditions much easier. They are also very social canines, making them easy to train over time because they want to please their owners, especially if they are being paid attention to regularly.


Do these dogs shed a lot?

Cocker spaniel mixes do shed but not as much as other canine breeds. The good news is that these dogs don’t bark as much during the mild shedding periods, so living conditions should be more manageable overall, even with additional family pets in the home too. With proper training and grooming care, it should be possible for any dog enthusiast to live comfortably with these canine companions who only have the best interests of their human pack mates in mind at all times.

Are cock spaniel mixes good for domestic keeping?

If you are an experienced dog owner and would like to get a GSCO pup for your family, thoroughly research both breeds before deciding on this mix. This way, you can see if they have any negative traits of their parents’ breeds which could affect your household.