When it comes to nature, nothing comes as naturally to a dog as chewing on a good piece of bone, or anything really, that they can get their chewing fix from. Regardless of your dog’s age, gender and pedigree, nourishing your dog’s chewing habits the best way you can is, of course, your responsibility. Finding best bones for German shepherd must be a task and in order to pass the “best-dog parent-ever” with flying colors, you give your dog the best and right king of dog bones that are out there. Luckily, the options and quality of bones available are many that you can choose your pick from.

Given that, as dog owners, you normally face the dilemma of indecision when it comes to “what better way to feed your dog” that would keep them on their toes…oops, I mean paws? You wouldn’t want to compromise on the quality and the right kind, as you know in your heart that your furry companion deserves the best.

What to choose in bones?

When you are new to this “dog-hooman” parenting, you may consider going the natural route, all the way through by throwing your dog real bones (of beef, elk, lamb, and pork bones, and all). Well, reconsider your options. Surely, you want to do right by your woofy companion, but in reality, it can put your dog in harm’s way. The bone splinters that chip away when the dog tries to chew on it, can cause choking, the sharpness of broken bones can cause lacerations in their mouths and all the other innards. Why put your only loyal companion you may have in this entire world through so much misery in the name of feeding him? If not, then what? Doggy biscuits? May be. And also treats that looks like bones, tastes like bones, are twice as nutritious and thrice as safe! There…. You’ve hit all the jacks, the only problem … which ones to choose from? Fret not, we’ve got you covered!

Cooked Bones for German Shepherds

Cooked bones are simple to shatter after swallowing, and dogs have even perished from gnawing on them. Since they are simpler to ingest and digest, they give dogs raw bones. Cooked bone should never be fed since they can shatter and cause harm. Watchdogs when they consume raw bones. When giving raw bones to dog friends, keep them apart. Avoid using big, heavy bones that could break teeth or become hooked in jaws. Because they are softer after being cooked, cooked bones can shatter and hurt your dog’s mouth, throat, or digestive system. The bones should be larger than their muzzle to prevent them from swallowing it whole. Do not feed cooked bones to your German Shepherds.

Raw Bones for German Shepherds

Match the size bone to your dog’s head. Remove small pieces of raw, broken bones. Never feed cooked bones, as they are dangerous for your dog. Supervise dogs while they eat raw bones. Separate dog friends when offering raw bones. Stay away from large weight-bearing bones that can break teeth, get caught in jaws, etc. Antlers have become more popular, but more and more dental injuries are reported. Pork and rib bones are the bones most likely to splinter. Raw bones are much healthier and safer for them to swallow. You should give one to two raw bones weekly and wait a few days between the next serving.

Rib Bones for German Shepherds

Pork and rib bones are the bones most likely to splinter. You can feed your German Shepherds two types of bones: edible and recreational. Edible bones are intended to be fed as part of the dog’s diet, and recreational bones are prepared for the dog’s chewing pleasure. Avoid chicken, pork, or rib bones, which are common but dangerous. They are more prone to splinter, causing damage to your dog’s mouth.

The 10 best dog bones available on the internet. Choose your pick.

1-Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Dog Treat.

Shaped like an antler, made of real bison, this delicious,(for dogs) treat comes in varying sizes, making this dog bone treat suitable for dogs of different sizes, built and age. Nylabone offers sizes from small to medium and large. Small is for dogs weighing up to 20lbs, medium for up to 35lbs and large for larger dogs weighing a whopping 50lbs ! Based on whatever size your dog is, chose wisely, as it is important the size of dog bone is larger than the dog’s muzzle in order for it to not choke on the bone.

The product act in compliance with the nutritional values set by The Associationof American Feed Control Officials and has no artificial and hard to pronounce chemicals, flavors, preservatives and colors. Nyla bones are further enriched by adding pea protein enhancing its already high nutritional value

Because it is designed in such a way that it is easily digested, your dog’s guts stay healthy and the dog itself happy. With its high durability, Nylabone lasts long, making your dog feel satiated for long reducing the risk of your furniture and favorite hugging pillows to be their chew toys instead. These nutritious and delicious dog bones are available on amazon, starting from $8.18 depending on the chew treat dimensions.

  • Although it is common knowledge that “eating” instead of “chewable” makes any bone unsafe for your dog, the Nylabone Healthy Edible line are targeted specifically to be eaten by the dog.
  • For something that is famous, for obvious reasons, Nylabone Healthy Edible Wild Dog treats faces a common nemesis ( as is with everything famous and in demand). That being counterfeit products, copying from the name to physical feature and even taste. The quality and health benefits that are associated with the real thing is just not the same. So, Be Wary !

2-K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bone.

As the name suggests, these are made of only one ingredient which is good-ol cow bones. It is made in the USA and the bones come from cows that have been fed on grass and all things organic. There is a bit of meat on the bones which has been roasted so the meat on cooked bones does not go bad.

Because of its durability, it is especially suitable for aggressive chewers and the dogs can go chewing it for days, taking breaks only to get back to it without losing interest. Though, due to its roasting, the bones could have got brittle, causing bigger dogs like German Shepherds to chew these down to smithereens.

It has no funny and processed ingredients making K9 Connoisseur a little more costly options in dog bones. The starting price is $25.99 for a pack of 1 that has 6 bones in it, which can put a damper on some people and letting their wallets stay where they are. But then, what is a little extra money when it comes to feeding your dog the best organic options in dog treats.

Due to the superior quality and amount of protein in it, K9 Connoisseur is an excellent food source for your canine that is training too hard to be worthy of your company, keeping it strong, healthy, muscular and agile.

  • With the absence of anything rawhide (it is the untanned skin of an animal which is prone to get infected if not exposed to the sun for a specific time period), it is healthy for your dog and so safe.
  • The size and the close-pack packaging it comes in, makes it pantry friendly and easy to store.
  • Sometimes because of over exposure to heat, faulty packaging or shipping issues, splinters may come off the bone creating choking hazard for your furry companion.

3-Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews.

Produced by a company called, Devil Dog Pet Co, Premium Elk Antler Dog Chews are one of the safest choices of dog chew treats. Antlers have a reputation of being the most wholesome of dog foods out there, owing to its resistance to splintering. Your canine can chew on it happily for days on end and these chews won’t disappear as fast as other treats may.

Premium Elk Antler Dog Chew comes in a form of stick ranging from Small (4”) to Monster (above 9”) and all other sizes in between making it ideal for all breeds and sizes.

In comparison with rawhides, antler dog chews are not dangerous, giving you the peace of mind to just throw your dog the raw bone, and be done with it (sometimes you just need that kind of assurance.. ). Like other things, namely Bully sticks and pigs, antler dog chews are not stinky and are very clean, providing yet one more nutritional pleasantry.

Because the antlers are sourced entirely naturally, these do come in different shapes and sizes, which is probably why it has such a wider pool of measurement specification and a hefty price tag of $25.97 for only two small pieces of antlers that comes in 1 pack !

  • The tough exterior of the Elk Antler gives the dog a good gnawing, keeping the teeth safe with the absence of funny chemicals and additives.
  • Enriched with calcium and minerals and no fat and additional calories, Elk Antlers makes it a healthy option against many bone-based food options in the market.
  • While Elk Antler are safer for your dogs, be mindful about ordering the whole antler instead of the ones that come in split form. Though your dog will enjoy the exposed marrow that fills the length of the split, it does make it dangerous for your dog because of easy splintering.A visit to the ER and sometimes surgery just adds to the cost.
  • The price tag that grace the Elk Antlers is off putting which may sway many potential buyers in other product directions.

4-Milk Bone Original Dog Treat Biscuits.

When it comes to producing dog treats, Milk Bone ranks amongst one of the most trusted dog food brands. More than any other dog food, especially a bone to be chewed, Original Dog Treat biscuits are treats that you give your dog for behaving itself. Due to its crunchy texture, younger dogs enjoy these more than the older ones. The crunchiness of these treats help clean the teeth which freshens the “dog’s breath”. Now ain’t that a doozy!

Milk Bone has gone over the board in fortifying their nutritional value by packing 12 vitamins and minerals in theses treats. If this doesn’t ensure your dog’s food related wellbeing, who knows what will. Just be careful that your furry friend doesn’t chomp its way through the entire lot as Milk Bones boast a higher fat content in theses treats than any other.

Milk Bone packs over a hundred treats in a 10 pound package which gives it a crazy, wholesale-like charm of wanting to buy it in bulks. For a whopping 10 pounds of doggy-deliciousness, $17.54 is as sweet a price as it gets.

  • Vet approved, these Milk Bone Original Dog Treat Biscuits, keep the tartar build up at bay and nourishing your adorable woofer with 12 additional vitamins.
  • The nourishment level saves the pickiest eaters from becoming malnourished.
  • Vitamin B in the formulae helps energize the metabolism and help nourish the nervous system.
  • Many a dog parents who chose these treats have complained about bugs “mysteriously” growing inside the product. Changing the packaging and zip locking the treats in something safer have still given birth to these bugs which is frustrating for obvious reasons.
  • Dogs with lactose and gluten intolerance can get really sick by having Milk Bone Original Biscuit Dog Treats, so get your dogs vetted for any kind of allergies to avoid risking your pet’s life.

5-Pet ’n Shape Bones and Chewz.

Like our second best on the list of 10, K9 Connoisseur Single Ingredient Dog Bone, Pet ‘n Shape is also a one ingredient bone chew, that is, the natural bone of itself (beef).

For best taste, quality and conserving, these bones are roasted with a little meat still clinging to the bones. Even the crankiest of dogs have decided upon Pet ‘n Shape to be their favorite chew bones, and THAT should make the dog-parents much happier than the dogs!

Pet ‘n Shape treats have a low fat content (minimum of 15%), keeping your dog’s cholesterol in check and arteries unclogged. The “bone-liness” of the chew bones enlists a proud minimum of 30% proteins (as bones ARE a natural source of getting protein fix in general) in its Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis.

The brand, Pen ‘n Shape, boasts 100% natural content, with no artificial baloney in the name of flavor enhancers, salt, color, preservatives etcetera. In case your pooch has any gluten allergies, or not, feel free to give them these chews as they also come free of wheat, soy and corn.

It helps to give your dog these treats as Pet ‘n Shape Bones and Chewz serve the functional purpose of dogs getting their natural fix of chewing, encouraging dental hygiene and health. It also doesn’t hurt to know that these come at a fraction of a price at $12.99 for a pack of 2 than any other treat, showing off the same qualities. Not a bad deal at all, right?

  • In general, these bones are considered safe. These have been known to help dental health, satisfy chewing urges making your furniture safe and whole.
  • Pet n Shape Bones and Chewz, in comparison to other single bone treats are affordable and the naturalness keeps your dog healthy, nourished and “chew satisfied”.
  • Some dog parents are not happy with the origin of these bones. The word “sourced” has been deemed controversial as some believe that the animals have been raised in other parts of the world. Whatever the manufacturer means by “sourced”, the should elaborate on it, says the parents.
  • Some of the dog parents have complained that there is dry meat on the bone which, if your dog is a particularly aggressive chewer, it can demolish it pretty quick. Some dogs have swallowed the shattered bones too, whereas as these treats are supposed to withstand aggressive chewers.
  • This particularly risk the canines breaking, indigestion and sometimes death in extreme cases.

6-Pet Qwerks Bark Bone Peanut Butter Flavor Chew Stick.

Of all the dog chews on the list so far, this one is an usual but delicious one. Like candy, the “necessary evil” in your child’s life, Pet Qwerk’s Peanut Butter Chew Stick is the one in your pet woofer’s life. These chew sticks are non-edible, made of nylon and taste like peanut butter. The more your dog chews on it, the more peanut butter flavor and aroma it gives off. If this doesn’t put your dog on “treat crack” , I dunno what will.

Keeping in mind the dogs’ natural fascination with all things sticks (reminds them of bones), the Chew Stick is shaped like one. If your dog has destructive qualities because he is bored or just because he is naturally rude, keep these toothsomes around in case you feel like your pooch is going rogue. This will get your woofer’s mind off destructive urges and keep him sufficiently entertained and for you to reconsider your life choices!

Non-edible treats like these acts as particularly bad-ass toothbrushes for your dogs, i mean good enough to get plaque and other built up off of their teeth.

For something with no nutritional benefit but every other benefit that surely pleases the dog’s palate, the price tag is fairly reasonable for a 1 medium Chew Stick at $16.73. After all, the flavor and aroma increases for some reason the more a dog chews on it. The end, certainly justify the means.

  • It has no rawhide, is affordable and is made of real peanut butter. The dogs clearly find these delicious even the crankiest lot.
  • The “just-perfect” amount of peanut butter aroma does not latches onto sofas, rugs and furniture which makes it even more appealing for your pet to chew on.
  • For some dogs the relatively synthetic formula makes it very hard for some dogs to chew on it.
  • This also make it very unappetizing for many dogs to even go near the Pet Qwerts Bark Bones, says some of the buyers. Unless you are very sure that your dogs would want these, do not make a bad choice in choosing these for your picky pets.

7-Pet Qwerks Real Bacon Infused BarkBone.

Like its sibling, Pet Qwerks Real Peanut Butter BarkBone, this one has real bacon infused into the Chew Toy. Except for the change in flavor profile, there is no other prominent difference. The brand Pet Qwerks, is once again proud of “made in USA”, without any colors and additives.

These are nontoxic and hypoallergenic make it chew safe for your dog. The large pack of 1 would cost you $15.99.

  • The curvy shape of the bone makes it easier for the dog to pick and hold it in their mouth even if they are running.
  • These are unbreakable, even with excessive chewing and dropping hard.
  • The nylon “blisters” that form on the bone over time are considered unsafe according to some dog owners, despite of the manufacturing company’s assurances of its safety. It, after all is nylon and the dog biting through the bone eventually cause the edges to be jagged which can easily cut through your dog’s as well as your skin. Imagine the dog swallowing the sharp bits incase they manage to dislodge even a scrape !

8-Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy.

Another non-edible treat, this Dog Chew Toy comes in three “exciting” flavors… REAL Bacon, REAL Chicken and REAL Peanut.

It would’ve been just another chew toy had it not been for its unique “paw-with-a-thumb” design. Awww cute ! Your cute little pooch would look even more cute holding it in its paws, chewing angrily on it like a hungry cutesy baby, fighting over his own thumb, sucking aggressively, expecting it to magically sprout a milk fountain! Benebone, the brand proudly acknowledges its proud USA sourcing of top quality ingredients for superior taste and smell, that is fused into the toy.

Be careful to replace the Dog Chew Toy when you deem fit or according to the instructions on the package. The medium sized toy would cost you $19.99.

  • A lot of dog parents are happy with Benebone and have reported their pets being very happy chewing on them. The BeneboneWishbone Durable Dog Chew has been outselling itself on its durability alone.
  • The easy grip is another advantage. The product is worth the price.
  • For some dogs, these toys have caused them broken teeth. In some cases the damage has been permanent as the dogs have lost teeth permanently, causing severe distress to the dogs as well as its parents.

9-Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Mammoth Femur Bone Dog Treat.

Phew! Ok, so let’s just all forgive Jack & Pup for the “mammoth” name and concentrate on the attributes instead! Because, they are “mammoth”.

This one is yet another no brainer. As to, why we chose it to be in the top nine of the food chain? Simply because of its “one-ingredient” constituent, our new favorite. It measures to an impressive 16”, which is only just fair because this chew bone is a beef femur bone in its entirety. Femur, you know that thigh bone which looks as if the “hour glass” has gone on a diet. The knuckles attached to the top of femur has immortalized it as the choicest representation of dog food/dog bone in almost all of cartoon illustrations by cartoonists of this planet.

Moving on, it comes from organic cattle that are raised on grass grown across the USA, free of hormones, injections, antibiotics and other chemicals that unnaturally alter the course of the cattle’s growth process. Resultantly, the Mammoth Femur Bone Dog Treat tastes better and is choke-full of nutrition, in a good way of course. Because of the health complications associated with packing, storing and shipping raw meat, the femur is roasted slowly which cooks the meat and the bone just enough to give the treat shelf longevity as well as making it safe for your dog to joyfully chew on and be merry.

Jack & Pup Premium Grade Roasted Meaty Beef Mammoth Femur Bone Dog Treat, like the name says, has a hearty meat flavor, making even the pickiest of dogs happy and the aggressive ones to chew on and on, without losing interest.

The way it is cooked, ensures any kind of bacterial contamination to be killed, making the Mammoth Femur Bone to be healthy and safe for consumption. It is also 100% digestible with zero complications with an additional goodness of the necessary fatty acids, vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron phosphorous, zinc and others. The teeth stay healthy and clean and the gums and jaws sufficiently stimulated. With the size of the treat, it is ideal for medium to larger dog kind.

All ya Woofers out there, with the Meaty Beef Mammoth Femur Bone Dog treat available to you, and your affinity towards all things hearty and meaty, surely it’s good to be you right now!

  • These bones are easy to digest , delicious and conveniently packed.
  • It can minimize the level of boredom your pet might feel as these natural bones can vitalize the dog’s mind making it less dangerous for your furniture, rugs and sofas.
  • Despite being very expensive (a trait that a customer naturally associates with good quality and value), the Mammoth Femur Bone has not lasted long. The parents have complained that their dogs have dislocated the two “big round knuckles” like caps within the hour of chewing.
  • Because of it packaging, it sometimes doesn’t make it for distant shipping as the bones have to found shattered on arrival.

10- N- Bone Puppy Teething Treats.

Puppies stat teething between 6 weeks and 6 months of their life. So keeping chewing stick with your baby dog love you more than you can imagine. Unlike a human baby, teething for a baby dog happens when they start shedding their dog/baby teeth and the new one are around the corner. This makes their gums itch which is why they would want to sink their rapidly falling teeth into anything they could find. This includes your feet, hands, clothes, rugs and everything else endangering your pup with infections and the like. To avoid it, it’s a good to have teething treats handy.

N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats are a better choice thank your ankles when you want to keep them occupied with something safe.

The soft texture of the treat is just suitable for your puppy’s delicate teeth and the real chicken flavour makes it very appealing for your baby dog. Its all natural and preservative free formulae makes it safe for your still very vulnerable dog.

The product’s size specifications of 7.5 × 0.75 × 4.63 inches makes it ideal for the little pup to hold on to and chew on.

  • It doesn’t cause any gastric issues which would make it very painful for your little dog to pass poop. The taste makes it palatable for most of the pups without any odors making its presence around the house a no hassle.
  • Because it is very soft, many pups have bit pieces off of these treats making it not very durable. It also can also cause your pup’s tiny trachea to get clogged, making your baby choke on it. Being “chewing treats”, these are not very chewable, but edible instead. The problem is that these chews are synthetic on nature and are not meant to be “eaten”.


Well, I have given mine, listing 10 of the highest rated Dog Bone Chews. As a responsible dog-parent, it is up you to do your research and chose the best treat that your dog-friend is so worth of. Good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the misconceptions about why dogs love chewing bones?

There are a lot of misconceptions and theories when it comes to bone snack, but in matter of fact dogs raw bones are safe snack when given in proper supervision. Bones not only help in filling phosphorus and calcium along with that it is a great exercise for jaws, some studies suggest that it can help dogs relieve anxiety and stress so feel free to give your dog a yummy snack.

Can German shepherds chew on bones?

German shepherds can absolutely chew on bones under correct supervision, swallowing them can cause health issues, for the safe side let your dog throw away the bone when it had enough chewing marks.

Can my dog eat bones?

Yes dogs can eat bones to stay healthy and to help their brain stimulate better. It is a great source of phosphorus and calcium.

How often it is safe to give dog bones?

It can vary depending between once or twice a week, it is best to consult your vet for proper guidance some dogs like to chew on bones more frequently.

Can a German shepherd eat chicken?

Well interestingly dogs can eat various human foods ranging from pork to chicken,you can also give your dogs yogurt and vegetables and they will enjoy a lot.

Can my German shepherd eat eggs?

If we talk about raw eggs there are some reservations and health risks whereas cooked eggs are perfectly fine.

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