The German Shepherd Dalmatian mix, affectionately called the german dalmatian or dalmation shepherd, is a strong and energetic dog that needs an owner committed to providing proper care.

The german dalmatian is a cross between two purebred dogs: the German Shepherd and the Dalmatian. The first recorded mix of these breeds happened in 1984 in California. While today this mixed breed has been around for over 20 years, it took many years for breeders to recognize it as a legitimate type of dog.

The german dalmatian is a medium-sized dog with pointy ears set apart from one another that stand straight up from their head. They have almond-shaped eyes, close together and dark. Their tail is long and slender and the feet, chest and belly are white with black spots. The legs, backside and muzzle of this dog are usually fawn or brown although they can also be black.

The german dalmatian has a double coat that both sheds and doesn’t shed. This dog is an average shedder so owners must be prepared to brush them regularly. If not cared for properly this breed can become dirty rather quickly as their coat catches dirt easily

It’s a misconception that a double coat means a double amount of shedding. That really depends on what you’re searching for in a pet – if you want one that sheds less then don’t go for a dog a thick, coarse outer layer. If you don’t mind an average amount of shedding, then get one with a double coat.

The german dalmatian is healthy and strong but does experience some health problems. They are prone to intervertebral disc disease (which affects the back) and hip dysplasia (a deformity in the dog’s hips causing it pain while walking). Some develop panosteitis, which causes bone inflammation. These dogs can be affected by diabetes mellitus or fanconi syndrome which has severe consequences on their liver and kidneys. Read more about German Dalmation Mix / German.

Shepherd Dalmatian Mix Pros And Cons.

Black german shepherd and dalmatian mix

Black German Shepherds and Dalmatian mix is a combination of two famous breeds. The shepherd as well as the dalmatian are well known for their stately looks and the black color just adds to their charm. This makes them also very popular as pets, especially among those who like these two breeds or do not have sufficient space in the house for both. The dog that results from this cross is referred to as a Black German Shepherd and Dalmatian Mix (BDSDM).

Usually, breeders plan out to make such crosses with animals that share similar physical characteristics which also allows compatibility during mating. It should be kept in mind however that all breeds involved need to be pure breds and hybrids otherwise the puppies produced will not be purebreds. There are breeders who plan out BDSDMs on their own; using known breed dogs to achieve the best results. This may produce mixed heritage results that might not necessarily be very similar to either of the original breeds.

This is a large sized dog, usually weighing between 100 pounds and 130 pounds and standing 24 inches tall at the shoulders. The exact size will depend on whether it was intended to create a male or female. Males are supposed to be larger than females for this cross breed.

It has short hair but with longer coat also available in some cases which can be black or white along with tan markings over the body mostly found above eyes, muzzle, cheeks and chest area. It has floppy ears like those seen on a Collie. It has a bushy tail and thick legs with paws that look like those found on a Labrador retriever.

The dog is intelligent, stable, friendly and loyal to its master as well as family members. Because of these characteristics it can be an ideal pet for families living in apartments where dogs cannot be kept outside the house continuously due to lack of space or for those who want a large-sized pooch but do not have time for exercise sessions. Some of the best things that come from this breed are its capability to learn quickly and easier training process without any harsh words being involved with it. The dog is also very friendly towards children so it is suitable even with small kids at home since they both will enjoy playing together.

The black german shepherd dalmatian mix is a result of breeding between a German shepherd and a dalmatian. This breed is known as BDSDM or ODSD. It is also called as Affenpinscher Shepherd Mix, Black German Shepherd Dog Hybrid , Black GSD / Dalmatian Mix , GSD X Dalmatian .


It has short hair with some long hairs found over the body mostly above eyes , muzzle , cheeks and chest area.

It has floppy ears like those seen on a Collie and bushy tail like that of a German shepherd . It has thick legs with paws that look like those found on a Labrador retriever .

A female can grow up to 20 inches or even more whereas male can grow up to 22inches. A male weighs around 50-75 pounds whereas a female weighs around 40-60 pounds.

It is known to be quite obedient and loyal but requires strong leadership from the master in order to prevent it from becoming stubborn and difficult in obeying commands and orders. They can go through training themselves with ease when they are aware of what they need to do so it is necessary for owners to prove their strength as leaders with a confident voice tone and body language despite how friendly they may seem towards their pets. Owners who really want to keep the dog well-trained must take care of such factors such as motivation, patience and cheerful attitude while training or else chances of failure become high since dogs usually respond better towards positive incentives rather than negative ones. Since this breed needs lots of mental stimulation, it would be an ideal choice for people who are always on the move because the dog will not be bored at home alone.

On the whole, this is an extremely loyal and intelligent breed that requires lots of care and love, just like most breeds do in order to live long and remain healthy. It may become difficult for owners to keep it well-trained if they are not confident leaders with patience and caring nature. The dog needs high quality food regularly in order to stay in good health so it is better if owners who cannot afford such expensive foods can mix a small quantity of boiled chicken with its kibble or canned food so as to add more taste and nutrition for their pets. Since this is a large sized breed, it also has a longer life span makes it one of the best dog breeds to have in the home when it comes to long-term benefits. Obviously, those who want a dog for this reason should be prepared to spend time and money on its care but by doing so they can look forward to more years of enjoyment from their special pet.

Black german shepherd and dalmatian mix

Family pets

Dalmatian and German shepherd mix breed dogs make great family pets. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, but aren’t sure whether to get a Dalmatian or a German shepherd, then this article will help you decide which type of dog would be the best dog for you and your family. Keep in mind that just because both breeds share similar traits doesn’t mean that they are interchangeable. Each one has their own distinct personality and abilities so it’s important to fully research each breed before making your final decision.


Dalmatians are short-haired, medium-sized dogs that originated in Croatia. They can be found in a variety of colors including black-spotted, liver-spotted, orange spotted and white. Dalmatian usually have dark brown or black spots on their coats but it’s not uncommon to find one with gray or blue spots. Their bloodlines often contain Pointer breeds so they possess an excellent sense of smell which they use to trail game during the hunt. They are energetic dogs who love nothing more than to run around all day. This is partly because they were created by crossing house dogs with English hunting dogs who needed to be able to keep up with mounted hunters on horseback during the hunt without tiring quickly. The breed was valued for its speed, stamina and keen sense of smell. The breed is known for being very affectionate, loyal and quick learners with an even temper. They are good with children but need early socialization in order to get along well with other dogs.

Dalmatians are great family pets because they are affectionate, rarely bark and have a keen sense of smell that makes them ideal for tracking sick or injured people in the wilderness. They are energetic though so it’s important to make sure that you can provide your Dalmatian with the daily exercise they need in order to keep them happy and healthy.

 Dalmatians can get along well with children and other pets when properly trained. However, they are known to be shy around strangers which is why proper training at a young age is crucial in order to make sure your dog gets along well with people outside of the home.

Dalmatians are great for active families who love being outdoors or are looking for a dog that will alert them if anyone comes near their home. They aren’t good for people who live in apartments though because they need lots of room to run but they still make great pets if you have the space in your backyard for them to frolic in because they can run all day long. If you’re looking for an affectionate pet that likes staying close by then Dalmatians are a great choice for you.

Popular breed

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in North America where they were originally bred as working farm dogs. They have a thick double coat which makes them well suited to colder climates and they can come in a variety of colors including, sable, black and tan, all shades of red and solid black. German Shepherds get their name from their love of herding sheep but they don’t need to be on a farm to get into that kind of work. In fact, German shepherds make excellent guard dogs because they are fiercely protective over the people they care about. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t get along with children or pets if properly trained at an early age. They are a very intelligent breed with a lot of energy so they need to get their daily exercise by being put through their paces on a regular basis or they can get into trouble if left unattended during the day. German Shepherds are very loyal but don’t always get along well other dogs because many have been bred for fighting in order to complete police work.

If you’re looking for an affectionate, trustworthy family pet then German shepherds are great choice for you. However, keep in mind that it’s essential that your German shepherd gets plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical activity every day since this is what will help them get along better with other pets and people around your home.

What is the difference between a Dalmatian and a German shepherd mix?

The Dalmatian German Shepherd is a fascinating dog breed with a lot of energy. They are medium-sized dog that is a cross between the popular Dalmatian and the hardworking German Shepherd, giving them the best of both worlds.

What is a Dalmador, exactly?

A dalmador is a cross between a labrador retriever and a dalmatian. Dalmadors are athletic dogs with brown, black, or white coats that feature a random number of dalmatian-style spots.