There are multitudes of mixed-breed puppies out there.  They are adorable, loving pets that give their owners as much love as purebred dogs!  However, the new owner must understand that not all mixed-breed dogs are safe or healthy.  Here is some information on these cool-looking coat mixes so you can learn more about what you’re getting into before purchasing at your local pet store.

The German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Appearance

The German Shepherd Pomeranian mix is a medium-sized dog with a long body and short legs. Some may have slightly longer legs than others, but most tend to be low to the ground like a typical Pomeranian. The head of this pup is typically shaped like that of a German Shepherd, but the fur and face seem more Pomeranian in nature. This mix will usually have two types of coats or one patchwork coat made up of the Pomeranian and German Shepherds’ fur.  The color can vary drastically from black to white, grey to brown, red to blonde; you name it! There’s not much consistency regarding their coloring, so expect a little of everything.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Temperament

Regarding temperaments, this breed tends to be high energy and wants lots of attention. They do very well in households with older children because they seem calmer around kids than adults.  That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this mix to any family with small children.  Also, they are very protective of their owners, so they do best in families where the owner is at home most of the time.  This breed can be trained relatively quickly but can become bored without enough exercise and attention.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Health Concerns

This particular mix breed has serious health concerns that prospective buyers must consider before purchasing. You should know about heightened cancer risks when considering these dogs.  It’s also important for would-be owners to note that both breeds in this pup sometimes have hip dysplasia which causes arthritis in older dogs.  This can be prevented if your puppy puts weight on all four legs and not just the hind legs when it walks.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Lifespan

The average lifespan of this mix breed is about twelve years, but some German Shepherd Pomeranian mixes have lived into their twenties!  That’s quite a long life compared to purebreds, who tend to die younger than mixes.  As with any new pet, ensure you get your new friend checked out by a vet at least once before bringing them home so you know what kind of health concerns they may inherit from their parents.

German Shepherd Pomeranian Mix Appearance:  4 Paws

Health Concerns:  Yes, sometimes hip dysplasia and heightened cancer risks.

Temperament:  High energy, very loving. Will protect their owners fiercely!

Lifespan:  12 Years on average but as long as twenty years in some cases!

2 Paws for this unique-looking mix breed! They are beautiful dogs with even better temperaments than purebreds, so I recommend them to any responsible owner who can afford to care for potentially expensive health concerns. Remember, you can always get your pup checked out by a vet before bringing them home so you know what kind of health concerns they may inherit from their parents!

Can a German Shepherd mate with Pomeranian?

I was wondering if a German Shepherd and Pomeranian could mate.

No, they can not. This is because the two breeds are very different in size. The biggest reason, however, is that both breeds are from separate families (and cannot be bred together). A German shepherd has over 500 years of canine history behind it, while the pomeranian is more or less a toy dog that came into existence relatively recently.

The American Kennel Club describes the German Shepherd as “vigorous and alert,” which does not sound like any Pomeranian we’ve heard of before! The pomerianian’sPomerianians ancestors were larger working dogs used for herding livestock, so this breed still has some herding instincts left in it. The German Shepherd, however, is originally bred for herding sheep, so this will be easier (and more fun) for the dog to do.

The physical size difference between the two breeds is significant! A German shepherd can grow up to 24 inches in height, while Pomeranians rarely reach even 10 inches at the shoulder. Other differences make them unsuitable for breeding, such as different behaviors and instincts (shepherding vs flocking).

However, these reasons mean someone can still like both breeds. They are very cute, intelligent, and loyal dogs with high energy levels, making them great family companions. Some people prefer larger dogs, while others want smaller ones; There’s no wrong reason to get a dog as long as the new owners know what they’re getting into.

A dog can not mate with a cat, but that does not stop people from liking both pets. The most suitable place for small dogs is inside the house, and large dogs should be able to run around outside (in a safe manner), so keep this in mind if you have a yard or live close to a public park!

What is the mix called?

It is a popular question that many dog lovers ask themselves – what is a German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix called? First, it is important to understand the characteristics of both breeds before you can begin imagining your new pup.

German Shepherds are always large dogs with long, powerful limbs and thick coats. Their fur ranges from tan to black, sometimes with white markings on their feet or chest. They have almond-shaped eyes that are usually brown but sometimes blue or green, depending on coat coloration.

Their size makes them excellent guard dogs, as they can quickly intimidate any potential intruders into leaving the property. Many owners also enjoy having something beautiful like an animal companion pet in their home to keep peace of mind that no harm will come to them.


Pomeranians, on the other hand, are small, toy-sized dogs with relatively long, fluffy coats. They have fox-like face and a rounded tail that curls over their back. Pomeranians usually weigh between 3 and 7 pounds as adults, so they can be carried around conveniently by owners who go for walks regularly.

General Characteristics of German Shepherd Pomeranian Mixes

Their size doesn’t indicate a lack of energy, though – in fact, it is quite the opposite! Many owners say that Pomeranians never stop running around and playing, even if they stay indoors all day. That means you’ll need to dedicate daily time to play with your new pup – otherwise, they might get irritable or depressed from not getting enough attention!

Most German Shepherd and Pomeranian mixes are called Pom Sheps or Pom Shepherds. They usually have long coats that need constant grooming, just like their parents. Their size ranges in the middle of German Shepherds and Pomeranians, so that they might be relatively bigger than a Pomeranian but smaller than a German Shepherd.

The most important part of owning any pet is properly caring for them. Most people don’t realize how much work it takes to look after dogs until they get one for themselves – but once you experience the companionship and unconditional love it brings, you’ll never want to live without them!

Keep your dog’s health and happiness at its peak by giving them plenty of exercise, socializing with other pets, and simple love and care.

The GSD and Pom mix has an average life expectancy of around 12 years. This means you are expected to keep your pet around for many more years than the traditional purebreds, who live on average eight to ten years. You can expect this designer breed to have health issues associated with both breeds and its unique health issues due to mixed bloodlines. Your veterinarian should monitor your pet through regular exams, vaccinations, and preventative medications. Many major dog breeds have genetic disorders, some more than others; be sure you do as much research as possible.

The German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix has a lot of energy, like its father, the German Shepherd. This breed requires exercise daily to keep it from getting bored and mischievous in your home. The breed is very intelligent and quick to pick up on training, just like its mother’s side of the family. These dogs respond well to mental exercises such as canine games that imitate their ancient ancestors, the wolves’ behavior, and pack mentality. They are very social animals, so they need companionship not only with people but with other canines as well.

These dogs shed moderately year-round, which may not suit you if you have allergies or are sensitive to the hair. This breed is very active indoors and does well in an apartment setting. Your dog needs at least a large crate to sleep in, but your pet should also have very short daily walks to keep them healthy and happy. The German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix is good with children; however, they’re not recommended for families with toddlers because of their energy level and small size.

Some common health issues that come along with this designer breed include heart diseases like its father, hip dysplasia like its mother, eye problems like both parents, ear infections like both parents, knee problems like both parents, bloat like its father, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) like its father, and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) like its mother.

The GSD and Pom mix is a high-energy dog that requires daily exercise to stay in shape. The breed is friendly with children but does not do well in families with small children due to their energetic behavior. When trained properly, this designer breed is intelligent, loving, playful, social, and gentle; it’s the perfect family pet for you!

Which dog is best?

Which dog is best, Pomeranian or a German Shepherd? Many people love pets. They keep dogs in their homes. These dogs are friendly to their owners, and they play with them. The person loves the dog very much when it keeps calm at home. One should choose a pet carefully so that it may not misbehave with you. If one keeps puppies, they must be trained to behave well with you; otherwise, you will feel trouble with them always.

Puppies are usually tricky to train, but it won’t be tough to train these cute animals if you think of German shepherds. They are considered guardian angels in many countries because they protect their masters very quickly needed. Breeders spend lots of money on breeding these dogs. They are friendly with children and every person. These dogs are very loyal to their master and protect them by seeing all activities of the master.

There is another pet that one keeps at home is Pomeranian. These small-sized cute-looking dogs are adorable for elders, but sometimes they become trouble for young people. The person who loves their dog doesn’t mind this type of activity because, in the end, they reconcile with their pets. One should keep these pets so that they may learn many things from you, which would be helpful for them to grow up as good citizens of your nation. Some people like both animals, but if you ask, I will say it is better to be with German shepherds. These dogs are adorable and well-mannered to their masters. They don’t create any trouble for you. The person who loves their dog doesn’t mind this type of activity because, in the end, they reconcile with their pets. One should keep these pets so that they learn many things from you, which would be helpful for them to grow up as good citizens of your nation. Some people like both animals, but if you ask, I will say it is better to be with German shepherds.

These animals are intelligent and very quick to learn something new. All these points make them best pets than Pomeranians. It doesn’t mean that Pomeranian is not good; instead, German shepherds are better.

It is said that having a pet makes you healthy because you have an animal with whom you have to play and at the same time take care of it. German shepherds are the best pets among other dogs. They make your life worth living through their cute activities. If they remain hungry, they will howl loudly until the food is not given to them, which can be annoying sometimes if the owner ignores them for a long. One should never forget that not everyone loves these intelligent creatures, so one should train them well before keeping them in their homes.

Pomeranian also needs attention, but the German shepherd needs too much attention because it has more energy than Pomeranian. They need physical exercises daily. Otherwise, their health would get deteriorated very quickly.

I will never say that Pomeranian is not a good pet because it has its importance, but German shepherds are adorable pets. They make your life worth living through their cute activities. If they remain hungry, they will howl loudly until the food is not given to them, which can be annoying sometimes if the owner ignores them for a long. One should never forget that not everyone loves these intelligent creatures, so one should train them well before keeping them in their homes.

Pomeranian german shepherd mix price

Ever stubbled upon a dog being adopted by someone on your favorite pet website?  This article will tell you everything about the Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix. This is an interesting mix between two different breeds which has evolved to have some of the best qualities of both parents.

Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix Puppies are also called Zwergschnauzer, Miniature Schnauzers, or just Schnoodles for short. They are adorable dogs with fun personalities and very interesting physical characteristics. Since they combine traits from two purebred breeds, these dogs can vary greatly in appearance depending on what exactly they inherit from their parents. They come in all colors and sizes since they are mixed-breed dogs!

Let’s take a look at some statistics about Pomeranian German Shepherd Mix Puppies:

Pomeranians are small, lively dogs that love to play and are very social with people. They also happen to have a reputation for being yappy dogs! They do not make the best watchdogs since they tend to bark infrequently. These dogs usually get most of their exercise from long walks or outdoor playtime in a large yard. Their coats only require minimal grooming, even though it is sometimes thick and fluffy.

Poms weigh 8-12 lbs on average and stand 6-10 inches tall when fully grown. Males tend to be slightly larger than females, which is normal considering the parents’ genders.  These dogs live an average of 15 years with proper care, which is fairly long compared to many purebreds or mixes.

When mixed with the German Shepherd, they gain a more stable and calm temperament than their Pomeranian parents.  They inherit German Shepherds excellent guarding instincts, making them great watchdogs. They are friendly but loyal family dogs that do best when raised around children since they tend to get along well with them. These dogs also like socializing with other animals to ensure they do not become aggressive around strangers or unfamiliar animals.  They are playful and intelligent creatures that require an owner willing to give them lots of love and attention!

The size of the Schnoodle depends on what breed it was crossed with first. A Pomeranian German Shepherd mix has a life expectancy of 12-15 years and can weigh up to 30 lbs. The Schnoodle’s coat type is usually curly, rough, or wiry. Shedding can be a problem with this dog breed. A high-maintenance dog needs regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling.

Poms are lively dogs that make good watchdogs but also have the unfortunate reputation for being yappy little dogs!  When mixed with the more docile German Shepherd, their F1 generation tends to inherit the best traits from both parents without gaining too many negative aspects from either one. This is why these dogs get along well with everyone, whether family, friends, or other pets! They are intelligent canines that need lots of love and attention to thrive.

Pomeranian German Shepherd mixes breed dogs are very social creatures that enjoy making new friends wherever they go. They get along great with children, especially when raised around them from puppyhood. These dogs also generally get along well with strangers but may act more on the protective side than some owners might be comfortable with if not properly trained and socialized. Schnoodles make amazing watchdogs since they bark at the slightest disturbance, which is rare for most Pomeranians.

This is why these mixes make great family dogs, but they require a lot of time, attention, and daily exercise to remain happy and healthy!


What does a German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix look like?

The German Shepherd and Pomeranian mix is a designer dog breed. Designer dogs are intentionally bred mixes of two purebred parents to achieve a particular look or purpose. In this instance, the purpose of these breeding is to create a small family companion dog that resembles both breeds in temperament and physical appearance.