The white german shepherd is a breed of dog which belongs to the scenthound type. They are mainly used as a police dog and for tracking.

The whites can be recognized by their coats which are usually white or silver-colored.They have a long, curled tail and come in two sizes, standard and miniature.They are intelligent, loyal with strong guarding instincts, but not aggressive with people outside the family. German shepherds are one of the most common breeds of dogs in the world, and there is no precise estimate of how many pure-bred German shepherds there are. It is estimated that there are about 200,000 White German Shepherds in America.


The white german shepherd is originally from Germany and were bred by German shepherds during the 19th century. They were bred specifically to be used as herding dogs on dairy farms, helping keep the cows under control while protecting them from wolves. The white german shepherd has been bred so that it does not shed any fur or hair.

After the Second World War, the numbers of German Shepherds declined dramatically because it was now clear that they were too expensive to maintain for farmers who now relied on mechanization. However, the popularity of this breed has now increased substantially because it’s seen as an ideal family pet for many people.

A white German shepherd is a mix between a German Shepherd and a white dog breed. It is said that the first white German shepherd was seen in the 1930s. The White German Shepherd is a large breed dog and it has an average weight of 120-150 pounds and height of 25-27 inches. This breed can be found in many colors like black and rust, black and tan, black and silver, blue roan, brown roan, gray roan, red roan or all white.

A White German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds out there because it’s such a loyal companion that would do anything for their owner (even if that meant laying down its life for them). They’re very good with children as well as other pets. 


German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protectiveness of their family. They make an excellent companion for a variety of lifestyles. However, German Shepherds can be affected by a number of health issues that require attention from the owner. In this section we will go over some information on how to prevent and detect these health concerns in your German Shepherd so they can have a long healthy life with you.

The most common health problems are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cancer, bloat syndrome and heart disease. These diseases can cause the dog to lose weight or have trouble moving around because of the pain they experience.

How to train your shepherd?

Training your German shepherd is very important because if you don’t train it then it will try to be dominant over its family members which will just create more chaos in the household. Training should not only focus on teaching the dog commands but also training it how to behave properly outside of your home as well as at public.


1. White German Shepherds are often in the same range in terms of height and weight as their black counterparts.

2. They are known to live up to 10 years which is long compared to other breeds of dogs.

3. This breed has a tough, compact, square build with a strong neck that is set high on the body.

4. Their heads are also heavier than their necks making them look like they have an air of superiority about them when they walk around with it held high.


The cost of a new puppy can be expensive at $1,200-$2,000 dollars. Most of this cost will be for food and vet care during the first year of life. This does not include the cost of training classes or toys needed to keep the dog entertained.


White German Shepherds are a popular breed because of their intelligence, agility, and curiosity. They have been used as police dogs, military dogs, herding dogs and even as therapeutic companions for people with autism. Some people use them for hunting purposes while others prefer to keep them as a companion animal in the home. White GSDs have been used for many purposes over the years including guarding, herding sheep and cattle, guarding property, search-and-rescue activities and acting in canine movies.

– White German Shepherds are the most popular dog breed in America.
– White German shepherds are usually good with other animals and children. They are also used as search and rescue dogs because of their keen sense of smell.

Grooming tips

A white German shepherd has a long, coarse coat that sheds all year round. The shedding is not as intense as breeds like golden retrievers or huskies, but it is still noticeable. White German shepherds are not hypoallergenic dogs, so they do not make good pets for people with dog allergies.

A white german shepherd is a smart and active breed. The dog needs a lot of exercise and grooming to maintain its coat.

It is important to groom a white german shepherd regularly, especially if you have a long-haired breed dog. You need to brush the hair every day or every other day, depending on the thickness of the fur. In order to keep it from knotting up, you need to comb it as well.


White German Shepherds are considered rare among the canine breeds. A lot of people choose this dog because of its color and appearance. It is believed that Kennel Club in England recognizes this variety since 1901 when a white German Shepard was first registered with them.

White German Shepherds have the same temperaments as regular ones but some say that they can be more sensitive to sunlight and heat.
The white german shepherd is a rare breed of dog. They can be easily identified by their white coat that comes from either a genetic mutation or being albino.

As the name suggests, the white german shepherd’s coat color is generally pure white and/or with some patches of black and rust. The coat can also be all black, all tan or all rust colored. The ears are floppy and set high on the head which gives it its characteristic look.

The rarity of this breed lead to many myths about their grooming and care. The truth though is that they take just as much care as any other dog. The easiest way to identify a white german shepherd from other breeds is by their coat color which cannot be changed through.


The white German shepherd is a dog which can be found in most countries and it has a lot of variations in size.

The white german shepherd is a large, strong and intelligent breed of working dog. A well-bred dog will alert its handler with a loud bark. It is not aggressive or dangerous unless it feels threatened or provoked.. They were originally bred to herd sheep and cattle on large farms, but they’ve been used for protection since World War One.

Common Traits

The German Shepherd has a loyal personality. They are eager to please their owners. They are often very sensitive to criticism and will not respond well if they feel they have done something wrong. They make great family pets because they are very loving and gentle with children, but you need to make sure they get enough mental stimulation or else they can become bored without direction.

1. White German Shepherds are often in the same range in terms of height and weight as their black counterparts.

2. The White German Shepherd’s main features are its strong work ethic, intelligence, and high energy level

3. This breed has a tough, compact, square build with a strong neck that is set high on the body.

4. Their heads are also heavier than their necks making them look like they have an air of superiority about them when they walk around with it held high.


The amount of fur that German shepherds shed depends on their fur type. The rough coated German shepherd sheds more than the long coated German shepherd because they have longer guard hairs which fall out more frequently.

White German Shepherds may be less likely to shed than other colors.

While it is true that all colors of German Shepherds shed, there are some that may shed less than others. White German Shepherds, for instance, typically have a shorter and finer coat so they tend to shed less than the other colors of the breed.

Are they Aggressive?

German shepherds are often stereotyped as being violent or aggressive because of their association with the police force. However, this is not always true. German Shepherds can have either an independent or obedient personality type.

what is the color of white coats?

A white shepherd migh have pink nose and blue eyes if there is albensim, there is another possibility as well if the shepherd is mixed with husky, other than these factors white coats don’t have blue eyes.

What should be diet of white shepherds?

When it comes to feeding your German shepherd, there are several things to consider. First you should consider the age of your dog. Older dogs will need more calories than young puppies. If you’re not sure what type of diet to feed your dog, talk with your veterinarian for advice and assistance.

The first thing to note is that they are prone to gaining weight if their calories are not restricted. A white shepherds needs about 2,000 calories per day. It is recommended that you feed them three meals per day with one of these meals consisting of canned food and the other two consisting of dry kibble.

The best type of kibble for your dog is one that provides 3-4% fat content, some type fiber (wheat bran, rice bran), vegetables (carrots, peas), some type protein (chicken by-product meal, meat and bone meal) and a variety of vitamins and minerals. The best time to feed your white shepherd is in the morning. 

The following are some feeding tips for white german shepherds

– Look for a food that is appropriate for the age of your dog

– Talk with a vet about what type of diet to feed your dog

A common question that many people who are getting a new white german shepherd puppy ask is how much should they feed them.

The answer to this question will depend on the age, size, and activity level of the dog. As well as how much other food your dog consumes.

Grooming of white german shepherds

White German Shepherds are often groomed to keep their coats clean and healthy.

With the right tools, grooming is a relatively easy task that can help your dog live a healthy life. One of the best ways to groom your dog is to brush him on a daily basis. It will help distribute natural oils throughout the coat, reduce shedding, and get rid of tangles in the fur.

Grooming is a process that will help keep your pet healthy and happy, not only by removing any excess hair, but also by maintaining its hygiene. The following tips will help you keep your white German Shepherd looking healthy and beautiful.

– White German Shepherds should only be bathed as needed. Bathing too often can cause their coat to become dry and dull. Bathing should be done only after the dog has been running around in hot weather or if he/she has been rolling around in something smelly, such as animal droppings or tar from a road surface.

– Brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week to avoid bad breath and gum disease. This will also help prevent cavities from forming on their teeth as a result of the bacteria that builds up inside their mouth.

How much does a white shepherd puppy cost?
White shepherd puppies are bit costly because of their rare breed you can expect something around $1,000 and $1,500, because of their unique color and attractive look they appeal to masses.


This article has covered many aspects of the white German Shepherd. We hope you have found it helpful. If you are considering adopting a pet,have a large yard and lots of time to spend with your dog consider adopting a White German Shepherd — they’re very loving and loyal dogs!