A lot of people have inquired about why does my german shepherd destroys everything.

Well there could be a number of reasons for this kind of behavior, but the most common reasons German Shepherds get destructive is due to separation anxiety and boredom. The more time separates an owner from his pet, the more anxious the dog will get. Most often you can expect your German Shepherd to display this behavior when left at home alone or when it’s been a long time since she’s been exercised.


In cases where a German Shepherd is not properly stimulated and has no proper outlet for her energy levels she will become bored and start chewing on whatever objects are nearby – which in most cases would be your furniture or shoes. It is imperative that if you want to avoid this kind of behavior you make sure your German Shepherd is exercised daily and has plenty of toys to play with.

German Shepherds are very intelligent animals; however, they get bored fairly easily. So the more toys you can provide for her, the better it will be. You can even get toys that challenge her mentally like puzzle games or treat dispensing toys which she has to figure out how to get at the treats inside. Providing these kinds of toys will reduce destructive chewing because your dog will have something else to do while you’re away or when he gets home from a long day at work!

On top of having a lot of chew toys around your house, it would also help if your German Shepherd had some other dogs to play with. If you don’t have other pets around your house, then get some! Other dogs will keep your German Shepherd active and stimulated while she is at home alone. If not, then make sure that when you are home you take her for a nice long run or go for a walk around the block.

Are German Shepherds destructive?

You’ve had your eye on the cute German Shepherd next door for some time, and you finally talk to the owner who says she’s looking to rehome her dog. You’re surprised that they want to part with such a friendly pooch, but decide to take him out on a trial run anyway. After he jumps happily into your car, you drive home, show him around the house, give him some food and water, then let him loose in the yard where he immediately buries his nose in the soil. Within seconds of letting the dog off-leash you hear incessant barking coming from your backyard – it sounds like he’s digging up something big! You run outside looking for him, and are surprised to find that he’s dug up a large section of your backyard.

You’re glad you had the foresight to lay down some new turf last year, but are more than a little annoyed that he’s done such damage only minutes after being let free. In fact, as you watch him romp around your freshly tilled yard it seems like this dog is just wrecking everything in his path! Is there nothing that this dog won’t chew through? Have German Shepherds simply been ruined by their breeders who are only trying produce the highest quality possible? Or are you just unlucky enough to have adopted one of those destructive dogs?

The answer, surprisingly enough, is rarely anything to do with the dog itself or its breed. It turns out that many other factors are responsible for how destructive your German Shepherd is, including

– How socialized he was as a puppy

– His living conditions prior to coming into your care

– How frequently you are able to give him mental stimulation and physical activity while he’s in your care.

You see, If you are one of the many people who are struggling with their German Shepherd’s destructive behavior – whether it be digging through flower beds, chewing up furniture, or any other destructive behavior – there are steps you can take to reduce this behavior in your canine companion. You may also wish to read our article on stopping herding dogs from eating rocks. By implementing these tips into your daily routine, you are well on your way to having a much happier life with your dog.

So are German Shepherds destructive? The short answer is no – but only if the right conditions are met. For help doing so, continue reading below!

German Shepherd is infamous for being man’s best friend thanks to their loyalty and intelligence which are just two characteristics of the breed that have made them popular among owners. However, because they are such intelligent animals it can be difficult for some owners to keep up with their needs when there are children or other pets in the house that are more demanding of them. Disabled or elderly people are also at higher risk of struggling to provide for this breed while still giving everyone else their fair share of attention. This is why it’s so important for owners who are not able to provide the level of exercise and mental stimulation that this breed needs to find an alternative option. There are many German Shepherd rescue centers available who are more than happy to help people rehome their pets if they are already struggling or are worried that they will struggle in the future.

Before adopting a dog, it’s important to make sure you are doing what you can for other members of your household first – especially children. It takes no time at all for even the most loving dog to become annoyed with young childrens’ behavior, which can result in nipping or biting. If your child(ren) are very active, then this may be even worse as running around can trigger the herding instinct in your dog which can end up with them nipping at their heels. This is why it’s important to make sure you are able to meet all of your other pets’ needs before adding yet another one into the mix (and this includes other family pets) otherwise it will only lead to further problems down the track.

Points to consider

It’s also important for you to consider whether or not having a German Shepherd will allow you enough time for yourself and/or your family. Many people are surprised when they are told that German Shepherds are working dogs, but this is because historically they have been bread to perform tasks such as herding, protecting flocks, pulling carts, etc. Therefore owning of these beautiful animals isn’t just about taking them out to the park every day, they are also working animals who need constant stimulation. This means that if you are someone who is away from home for long periods of time, or are unable to provide this breed with the socialization and exercise it needs, then having one of these dogs isn’t fair on them so please consider rehoming rather than leaving it abandoned in your yard.

List of best toys for destructive german shepherds

As we mentioned before, there are many factors involved when it comes to the types of behaviors that are displayed by German Shepherd dogs. Therefore although some breeds are better than others at displaying certain behaviors (for example terriers are particularly well known for their digging behavior), ultimately whether or not they are destructive is down to the factors involved. For example, if your German Shepherd has separation anxiety, begins to act out as a result of not getting enough exercise or attention, etc., then they are likely most destructive when you are away from home for long periods of time. However, if your dog is simply bored then this too can lead to behavior problems that include chewing furniture and other items within the house – it just depends on what they are given the opportunity to chew!

To help reduce damage done by your canine companion you should provide them with suitable options for what they are allowed to chew on. This also includes giving them appropriate toys that are meant for these breeds specifically rather than any old toy you find around the house. To learn more about what are some of the best toys for destructive German Shepherds, make sure to continue reading.

Best dog toys for german shepherds

There are many options available on the market when it comes to suitable chew toys for your German Shepherd, but not all are created equally. In fact, some are particularly dangerous and can lead to more problems rather than ones solved. For example, rawhide chews come in a wide variety and are made from different materials such as pigskin or cow tendons – both which are incredibly tough and can easily break down into sharp shards that are extremely harmful if swallowed. Therefore we recommend steering clear of these types of chew toys altogether until you know they are safe. If you want to learn more about what are some of the best toys for destructive german shepherds, check out some of the options below:

5. Nylabones

Nylabone products are a great option for German Shepherds as they are made from materials that are extremely durable and are designed especially to help remove plaque from your dog’s teeth . However, not all nylabones are safe so if you are going to go down this route then make sure you select one labelled as ‘safe for powerful chewers’. This usually means it is more dense than others and can withstand a lot more weight rather than being chewed up in minutes.

4. Kongs

Kongs are another really popular choice amongst those who have German Shepherds living in their home. The are effective chewers, are still incredibly safe and are also extremely versatile – allowing you to stuff them with treats or other types of food that will help keep your dog occupied for hours at a time! Just be sure not to leave these laying around when you are away from the house as they are an even bigger target for destructive behavior if they are discovered by other dogs who are looking for something nice to chew on!

3. Rope toys

Rope toys are another great option if you are looking for what are some good chew toys for German Shepherds . These can be especially beneficial if your pooch has separation anxiety because it is a great way of keeping them entertained when aren’t there to play with them – so they are less likely to chew your furniture when you are away from the house. Just be sure to avoid any toys that are made from cotton or other materials that are too loose as these are also a big choking risk and can easily get stuck.

2. Tires

Tires are another great option because German Shepherds are known for being incredibly strong dogs who have a lot of power behind their muscle, which is why it’s not wise to give them something that they will be able to destroy in minutes. For this reason, tires are a fantastic choice if you don’t want to go through several toys within just a few weeks! They may cost more than most options but it’s definitely worth it because these types of dog toys are a lot more durable and are made from materials that are difficult for your canine companion to break down.

1. Kongs for german shepherds

In terms of what are some of the best toys for destructive German Shepherds, nothing really comes close to Kongs. They are extremely durable, are made from an incredibly strong type of rubber, and are also incredibly versatile as you can put all sorts of treats inside them to keep your furry friend entertained! Some people even put their dogs’ food in here which is another great way to deter them from being destructive when nobody is there to play with them. Just be sure not to leave these lying around when you are away from the house because they are a major target if they are discovered.

The German Shepherd is a breed that can reach up to 60 lbs by adulthood.  Because of this, it’s important the proper chewing toys are provided for your pup or dog to prevent them from eating household items.  Not only does this keep you safe, but it keeps your German Shepherd safe as well!  Of course, when in doubt with what so not leave within their reach…don’t do it!

Begin housetraining by rewarding good behavior and taking your dog outside often until they get the idea so not potty indoors.  When training the area in which they will socially eliminate (this is usually done at night) feed them in their crate.

Take the time to teach your dog where he/she can or cannot chew.  Allow your dog to mouth around on items that you know are safe, such as rawhides and nylabones. This will allow them to learn what is acceptable for chewing.

As your German Shepherd grows, remember the importance of giving them other things to chew on rather than objects in the house.  It’s advisable to keep shoes, remotes, loose papers…etc out of reach!

If you do find that your German Shepherd chewed up an item in the house simply say “no” firmly and take it away from him/her. If they continue to chew household items, kindly place yourself between them and the object they are chewing on until they lose interest after a few seconds.

Repeat this each time they start to chew on something that is not appropriate, even though you may feel as if it’s a battle.  Continue to give your dog positive reinforcement with things like treats and toys when they are doing good!  If done correctly, the German Shepherd will associate the chewing of household items with negative feelings rather than positive feelings.

German Shepherds are also known to be intelligent creatures able of understanding commands very quickly.  This is another way of ensuring your dog doesn’t chew up household items…they know what is right from wrong based on your words!

Keeping German Shepherds young at heart is essential for their happiness within the family unit whether are others included or otherwise.   To do this, spend the time playing with them every day.  Keeping their minds active is just as important as keeping their bodies healthy!

If you are unable to play with your German Shepherd every day…try splitting up your activities throughout the week so that they get at least half of what they need daily.

It’s also important to keep your mind open when it comes to training and learning new things because those qualities shed a light on how willing and eager the GSD will be in trying new things such as commands and tricks.  This has been proven highly beneficial for those who train dogs for police work, search and rescue, and military purposes!


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