When you look at your German Shepherd, it seems like they are the perfect breed. He is strong, agile and powerful. However, there is one thing that can drive you up the wall – whining! All dogs whine sometimes but if your German Shepherd keeps whining all the time for no reason or just whines when he feels like doing so then there must be something wrong.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your German Shepherd might whine:

Isolation Anxiety

Dogs become very attached to their owners and don’t want them to leave them alone even for a short time period. This is especially common in puppies who haven’t been taught how to behave when their master isn’t around. If you didn’t teach your German Shepherd that you will come back after some time, he might start whining as soon as you leave him alone.

Attention Seeking

Some dogs whine just because they want attention from their owners. This doesn’t mean your German Shepherd is spoiled and actually, it’s quite common among all breeds of dogs (and even cats!). If your German Shepherd whines when you are playing with him, talk to him or give him food then he is definitely an attention seeker. The best way to stop his whining for attention is by ignoring him! When the dog sees there is no reaction and no one pays any interest to what he does, he will stop trying so hard and be less annoying.

When should I call the vet?

If your German Shepherd is whining all the time, first of all, you need to check if he is okay. If your German Shepherd starts whining every day for no reason or just whines when he feels like doing so then take him to the vet immediately. There might be some kind of health problem that must be treated as soon as possible.


One of the most common reasons why dogs whine is because they are in pain. When there’s something wrong with their bones, muscles, or organs then they start acting differently than usual and one of the symptoms is constant whining that mostly occurs at night (when your pet can’t do anything else but lie down and feel bad).


Some dog owners don’t know that animals have emotions just like humans do. If you don’t pay enough attention to your German Shepherd, if you leave him alone for too long or if something bad happened to the dog then he might start feeling depressed and this might be a reason why he is whining all the time.

Separation Anxiety

The second most common reason why dogs whine is when they feel separated from their owners. They start acting out when you leave them alone because they are afraid of being left alone in general. This can also be treated especially when it is done right from the beginning.

Do not ignore your German Shepherd’s whining, even if it seems like there’s nothing wrong with him! It might be a sign of some health problem and you need to take him to the vet and do everything in your power to make sure he feels happy and healthy!

Do german shepherds cry a lot?

It’s always best to do research before getting yourself a new pet, especially if you’re thinking of getting one straight from your local shelter or off the street. You want to get good quality animals who are healthy and do not come with multiple diseases. If you do happen to get your pet from a shelter do ask them what records they have on the dog you are adopting out. Do German shepherds cry a lot? Well, every puppy does indeed make noise yes but then again yes they do grow out of that phase too! If you do not want animals crying during their sleep or making any kind of noise at night do consider getting things like music machines for dogs which play different calming melodies and sounds to help relax your pet. Also consider getting something called doggy day care where you can bring your pets in the morning to be watched over by someone who is more than qualified for this sort of thing. You can also plan ahead for overnight stays with friends if need be until you find out whether do German shepherds cry a lot do not with house training.

German Shepherds are known for their bravery and intelligence. They are regarded as fearless protectors that will do anything to keep you safe.

But is there more to the German Shepherd than just being a protector? Are they also sensitive, loving animals that can display emotion like any other dog breed?

The answer is yes. German Shepherds do cry a lot. Here’s why.

Feeling sad and alone

That might sound a bit silly considering that German Shepherds are dogs, but they actually have feelings too, just like humans do! If your German Shepherd shows sadness or even signs of depression, make sure you spend extra time with him to cheer him up. Tell them how much you love them and give them plenty of cuddles to make their day better. You may also notice that he gets along better with other pets in the house when it comes to sharing attention from his owner. Sending out even more signals to show he needs some affection will get him back on track in no time at all.

German shepherd high pitched whine

A high-pitched whine coming from a German shepherd is often the result of an ear infection. While these infections are typically not serious, they can be painful and should be treated by a veterinarian. After you have taken your dog to the vet, there are several home remedies that can help speed up its recovery.

Many people report that their German shepherds develop a high-pitched whine in one or both ears when suffering from an ear infection. When this happens it is important to get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible so he can start treatment before the condition gets any worse. In many cases, however, all your pup needs are some tender loving care at home while his infection clears up. Here’s how you can help relieve him of that bothersome whine.

First, if you suspect your dog may be suffering from an ear infection, take him to the vet for a check-up. Your veterinarian will clean out his ears and swab them to see whether or not any type of infectious organisms are present in the ear canal. If there is no yeast or bacteria present, then it could be an ear canker sore instead of an infected ear drum. Either way, antibiotics or antifungal medications usually help clear up the problem quickly.

While your GSD’s ears are being treated by your vet, he should not have free run of the house until they heal up completely. Keep him in a room where the carpeting is easy to clean so he won’t be tempted to rub his ears against the ground and make them dirty again. As long as he can’t get to any dirt or filth, it will be much easier for the medication you give him to work effectively.

In addition to antibiotics or antifungal medications from a veterinarian, there are several homeopathic remedies you can use as well. One is apple cider vinegar. Dilute it 50/50 with water and then drip just a few drops into your dog’s ear canal every 12 hours until the infection clears up completely. Another option is grapefruit seed extract which should also be diluted before using according to package directions. However, avoid using this if your GSD happens to have diabetes because grapefruit juice may affect his blood sugar levels.

Once your dog’s infection is completely cleared up, keep him away from any loud noises or other possible irritants for a few days so he won’t have to strain his hearing. This will give his ears time to heal thoroughly before being subjected to anything too stressful. He might even be feeling fatigued because of the infection so make sure he gets plenty of rest and exercise during this time as well.

When you do start bringing him back into the normal flow of things around the house, use extra caution when bathing him. Fill the tub with only an inch or two of water instead of enough to cover his body while preventing water from getting into his ears. It might also be a good idea to invest in some cotton balls and petroleum jelly in case he starts scratching his ears a lot after being wet.

If you have been noticing these symptoms in your own GSD, take him to the vet but also start home remedies right away. The combination of veterinary care and at-home treatments is likely to clear up the problem quickly so that your pup can get back to normal as soon as possible.

German shepherd anxiety whining

Question: Hi, we have a German Shepherd and for the last 4 weeks she has been very anxious.   She whines at night and it is impacting everyone in the house.

Any suggestions?

– Julia (Boston, MA) Answer: Hi Julia, I don’t see any additional details in your email, but here are some basic tips that can help with anxiety-related whining or crying:

German shepherd anxiety whining – be patient and consistent

It sounds like you’re already doing all of these things (and maybe more), so well done! The next step is to keep up this routine for another few weeks to see if she starts to calm down. If you stick to a regular schedule and show her what’s expected every time someone comes inside, she should start to figure it out after a few weeks.

Because this is an anxiety-related behavior, it’s likely that if you take a break from your routine or even back off on some of it for a day, the whining will increase again. So be patient and consistent with her.

You can also try changing up the routine a bit – perhaps go for walks in different locations around the neighborhood to expose her to different sights and smells. You could also give her a Kong filled with peanut butter or a hollow toy stuffed with treats every night before bed – this way, instead of waking up people in the house at night she has something to occupy herself for those 1-2 hours until everyone goes to bed themselves. Here are some products you might find helpful: – calming products for anxious dogs.

Question: Hi, I have a 2 year old female German Shepherd.  She is an only dog with no children.   My neighbors normally complain about her barking when people walk by outside on the sidewalk or in front of our house. At night time she will bark nonstop until we go downstairs to tell her to shush.    However, yesterday my neighbor came over while I was home alone and said that they could hear her all the way from downstairs which is what woke them up. 


Do german shepherds cry a lot?

A common question people ask about German Shepherds is do they cry a lot? Its always best to ask the breeder on this one, do German shepherds cry a lot. As with any puppy, they do make some noise at night when they are super young, but then will quickly grow out of it. However this does not mean that you do not have to get up and take them out for their potty breaks!

Why isn’t my German Shepherd putting up a fight?

GSDs will sometimes perceive threats from afar and will want to investigate or chase it away. If they’re trapped inside and can’t get out, they may whine to vent their frustration. This could range from being completely still and alert to whining and pacing.