I own a german shepherd, and after buying it I quickly realized that my dog was very dominant. It always tried to walk in front of me whenever we went for a walk or when entering my home. It wanted to show me who was the boss. So if you are in the same situation as I am then this article might help you out.

Here’s how to make your german shepherd love you:

1) NEVER let your dog win an argument

If your dog wants something, like food or water, let him/her know that YOU are the leader of the pack by gently moving them away with your hand as they try to approach it or move towards it before saying ‘no’ firmly and starting to walk away. If your dog tries to follow you, turn around suddenly and stare at them with a serious gaze so that they know you mean business. Your dog will soon learn who the boss is.

2) Mental stimulation for your GSD

German shepherds are very intelligent animals who get easily bored if not given plenty of mental stimulation to keep their minds active. You can give them this by making it do a puzzle once a week where it has to try to figure out how to access its food, playing hide and seek with treats so that it has to find them where you have hidden them in your garden or home, or just taking it on longer more interesting walks.

3) Make exercise fun!

To make walking your dog more fun for both of you, let your dog show you the way  by sniffing out bushes and trees so that it can explore new places. Try to have a daily routine but mix things up occasionally by heading in different directions each walk so your dog doesn’t get bored.

4) Be consistent

The most important thing when training is to be consistent with whatever rules you set. If you find yourself getting annoyed at your GSD for being stubborn or demanding then just remind yourself that they are just trying to test their boundaries because that’s what dogs do so remain calm and confident. Your GSD will soon learn not to push its luck!

5) Praise/Reward good behaviour generously

Whenever your dog does something that pleases you, like sitting down on command or playing with a particular toy that it particularly enjoys, then makes sure it knows how much you appreciate its good behavior. Your dog will be eager to do things right and show off in front of you if it knows that there is always a reward for doing so.

6) Get some training!

German shepherds are really quick learners as long as they have the right guidance and plenty of encouragement from their owners. If you haven’t had any training before but would like to get your GSD used to abiding by some basic rules such as not pulling at the leash when walking then check out my article on how to start obedience training with a german shepherd.

7) Make your German Shepherd feel safe

Above all else, a big reason why GSDs often behave in a challenging or dominant way is because they want to make sure that you are a strong and confident leader who knows how to keep the family safe. If your dog thinks that you lack these qualities then it may become bossy and insecure. To prevent this from happening, make sure everyone in the family puts on an assertive yet calm voice when dealing with its behavior problems at home. Also, teach any young children in the house how to interact with dogs safely so that if your dog ever does snap it won’t hurt them. Overall, make sure your German shepherd knows that it is loved and cared for by everyone in the household which will help to make it more obedient and loving towards its owners.

German shepherd signs of affection

As is the case with humans, dogs of all ages show affection in different ways. Sometimes, dogs of similar age will show affection for one another by licking or grooming each other’s ears or faces, but there are also some dogs who display signs of affection towards their owners. While some dogs are quite reserved when it comes to showing affection, others are more bold – plastering themselves against you so that you cannot get away without physically picking them up and removing them from your person.

While most dogs will display these signs of affection on occasion, German Shepherds definitely rank pretty high on the list of breeds who seem to be especially smitten with their owners. There are a number of things that can be done to encourage this type of behavior, but there are also some things that can be done to discourage it.

The most important thing is to remember that dogs are not humans, and they do not think or feel the same way that we do. While human beings show affection through hugs, kisses, random outbursts of frantic love-struck emotionality, and spending time together – these types of displays of affections are pretty foreign concepts for a dog’s mind. However, many German Shepherds find ways to show their feelings towards their owners in ways that make sense within the context of canine communication systems.

These behaviors often include displays of submissiveness, checking in with you on a regular basis so as to ensure your safety (as per your approval), leaning against you, and constantly keeping a close distance as if the dog is constantly reassuring itself that you are still there.

At first glance these behaviors may seem demanding or even clingy – but it’s important to remember that dogs communicate in different ways than we do. If human beings show affection as a way of constantly reaffirming their connection to one another, dogs may use similar behaviors as a way of constantly reaffirming their connection to you.

However, this does not mean that they expect or demand affection from you all the time – especially from those humans who have been taught best practices around “pack mentality” and leadership structure within a family system. In many cases, affection can be confusing for dogs, which is why it’s important to never force your affection upon a dog who is not asking for it.

When German Shepherds show affection towards their owners, they may display similar signs of excitement and happiness that are common when they greet each other after being apart – only these behaviors last for longer periods of time than what you might find in dogs of similar age and breeding. When your German Shepherd greets you after class or work with his tail wagging and jumps all over you, this can be a sign that he is excited to see you and wants to spend some time with you! However, if your dog’s affections become too demanding or too frequent – then this is the time to step back and reevaluate the situation.

If you notice that your German Shepherd becomes pushy every time he sees you, or if his jumping and licking becomes too much to handle – you need to communicate with him using a firm but gentle hand. Make sure that no matter what happens, there is always a space between your body and the dog’s body – do not allow his nose to touch your skin, as this can be interpreted as an invitation for a good sniffing session which very well might turn into a full-on face-licking session!

Above all else, remember that German Shepherds are dogs first and foremost. While they do have some pretty powerful cognitive skills compared to other breeds of dogs, they still think in terms of “dog” rather than “human”. Because of this fact, it’s important to keep your German Shepherd’s perspective in mind whenever you are trying to ascertain the intention behind behavior.

It is crucial that people who have German Shepherds realize that this breed of dog is not a blank slate, and that their actions should be viewed through the lens of animal behavior rather than through an anthropocentric viewpoint. Sometimes, when we try to understand our dogs on the same level as we would human beings, we end up completely misunderstanding them and potentially increasing whatever behavioral issues they may possess.
signs that shepherd loves you.

German Shepherds are known to be one of the most lovable breeds in the world. They are called “puppy dogs with iron wills.” The German Shepherd is a very intelligent dog breed. They can learn things quickly and often times, they will outsmart their owners by training them instead of being trained. This breed loves to please their owner but still have that natural protective instinct.

When your German Shepherd sees you coming home from work, they become excited because it means they get treats or play time with you! It also means you could be taking them on an adventure away from the house, which they love! If your German Shepherd starts nudging your hand for more pets or wants to lie down next to you as you relax on the couch, it’s your dog’s way of saying “I love you” to their owner.

German Shepherds are very affectionate! Once they get attached to their family members, they will be loving and loyal for life. They are definitely the best dogs if you want a high-quality pet that will protect or even just keep you company. German shepherds are great with kids and other pets as well.

If you ever start to feel sad or depressed, all you have to do is look at your German Shepherd because they can sense when something isn’t right with their humans. They will offer comfort by cuddling next to them or nudging them gently until they pay attention. You can also tell your GSD that you love them over and over again because they love hearing it!

When you say certain words like “walk”, “treats” or “kennel”, your German Shepherd gets excited. It’s their way of showing that they are listening to you. Your dog knows what you’re saying without even having to be told. They know which places in the house are yours, who your friends are, where the treats are kept and when its time for bed. Your German Shepherd will always keep an eye out for anything different or new around the house while letting everyone else know if there’s a stranger on your property! Training doesn’t have to be difficult – especially with a GSD because they naturally want to please their owner, so reward them with treats or playtime when they do something right!

If your German Shepherd has learned to sit, stay, come here or lay down on command, then it’s because you have spent time with them at home practicing these tricks. They are very easy to train if they are rewarded after successfully completing the task. GSDs are not only intelligent but loyal as well. They love their owners unconditionally and will protect them for life! It’s important that if you bring a puppy into the family, make sure it’s between 8-10 weeks old so they can bond quickly with you and your children. This is why puppies are available for sale.

When it comes down to it, there are many ways that your German Shepherds shows how much they love you. It’s a daily process that never ends. With so much going on, the shortest word in the English language is best to describe how a German Shepherd feels about its owner – Woof!

How do German shepherds show love

German Shepherds are big dogs that can be intimidating. You may even wonder if they are capable of showing affection. As long as you treat them with kindness, this breed will show their love in many wonderful ways. Here are some things to consider when raising a German Shepherd puppy:

– Be consistent with training . If you have the time to train your pup , it is an invaluable experience for both of you. Training builds trust between pet and owner, so use positive reinforcement techniques to let your dog know when he is doing something good .  – Keep socializing your German Shepherd. This means exposing them to different places, people , animals , and experiences . Socialization helps reduce the risk of shyness, fearfulness, and aggression. – Take a German Shepherd puppy on a daily walk or jog. These dogs have a high energy level so they need to be exercised frequently . If you do not have time for an intense workout, play games inside. This breed also enjoys mental stimulation as much as physical exercise .

– Stick to rules that are fair and consistent. Dogs thrive when they know what to expect from us as owners. By sticking to the same rules each day, your dog will learn how he should behave within your household. Furthermore, if you have other pets in your home it is best to make sure everyone knows who is the leader and where they stand in the environment .   – Be protective over them and show your puppy that you are his advocate. This breed can be sensitive so they need to know that we have their backs . They will always protect their owners with everything they have, so it is crucial to show them how much you care .

– Make time for cuddles and belly rubs! German Shepherds love physical contact and this type of affection allows you to maintain a strong bond with them. Showing them love through touch is important but speaking in a calm and gentle voice throughout the day also helps strengthen the connection between owner and dog.    

– Establish clear rules and boundaries. A German Shepherd needs limits and structure because he has a dominant personality. Early socialization, training, exercise, CONSISTENT boundaries can help your German Shepherd understand how to be an ideal canine citizen.  

– Remember that it is never too late to adopt. If you are considering adding a new pup to your family , know that there are plenty of adult dogs who were displaced, abandoned or neglected in shelters . Many of them can make wonderful additions to loving homes . So if you are thinking about getting a pet , remember to check the shelters for amazing pets!      

Learn about the breed

If you don’t know anything about this breed at all, do your research on them before adopting one! There are thousands of rescue groups on Facebook alone dedicated to helping poor pups find new homes. You can also find info on how to care for them, what they like and dislike, and where the best places are to walk them.

Prepping your pup

Start training as soon as you get your pup! It’s really important to socialize German Shepherds early because they do not make good guard dogs. They will welcome anyone into your home with all four paws up, so it is vital that you teach them who is allowed in the house before any bad guys come around. And give plenty of belly rubs! Not just for when you’re teaching different behaviors but just because their fur is super fluffy and soft, which makes us want to pet them so badly!

Get settled in yourself too

You can’t expect to have a happy dog if you’re not happy yourself! Everyone needs time to settle in to their new surroundings, whether it’s a new home or even just a new apartment. So make sure you take some time for yourself when you first get your pup. And always make time for them because they will be there for you no matter what!

Never leave your dog alone

If your German Shepherd is left at home alone all day long then their behavior probably won’t be the best when someone finally comes home. They might cower away from strangers or guard their house to the point where family can’t go in or out. This is how German Shepherds are with everyone else but the owner so this would mean that you need to find ways to take your dog with you wherever you go. That might mean getting a job that doesn’t include too much time away from the house, or even just finding some other way to entertain them when you’re not at home. Dogs get lonely and bored too!

Don’t scold your German Shepherd

It’s likely that any problems this breed has comes from their past life. So all those bad behaviors like guarding and separation anxiety can probably be put down to a traumatic experience rather than any fault of their own. So never yell at them for being scared because it will only make things worse. Treating dogs harshly isn’t going to help anyone, ever! And they already know what “no” means so don use it as a form of discipline.

Spoil them with treats

German Shepherds love food, so it’s a great idea to keep plenty of tasty snacks lying around! But don’t give in when they start begging for your breakfast because you don’t want them to get fat. They might not seem like much but German Shepherds have a lot of muscle that needs to be fueled properly! So just remember that anything given in moderation is okay and also help control their weight by making sure they get regular exercise too.

Learn about dog-friendly perfumes and colognes

Another thing this breed loves? Perfume smells! Many people use perfume around their dogs because they think it will make the house smell lovely…but instead it can actually make your pet feel sick. German Shepherds have a very sensitive sense of smell and can easily be overwhelmed depending on what you spray around them. So make sure you’re also extremely careful where you put your perfume bottles as well, because if they knock it over then that’s going to end badly!

Be patient with your dog

Lastly, don’t forget that every single dog is different! Just like people show love in different ways, so do dogs. What might not work for one pup may work wonders for another. But always keep trying new things until the right ones come along because it’s not about quantity…it’s about quality! You just have to find out what makes them happy and stick to those routines as best as you can.


How to show your german shepherd you love them?

Germans Shepherds are a kind of dog that needs a lot of attention and full time care. All the time. And love. Always lots and lots of that too. They also need exercise, but they can’t have all their energy out running around with other dogs so it’s really up to you as the owner to provide them with what they need. Just like any other pet! Here are some useful tips on how to show your German Shepherd love.